All spectrum of services

We provide an extensive range of services

Sawing (packing-case sawing) - We dispose an equipment for making of saw-timbers of coniferous and leafy breeds on the specification of customer

Planing - We provide services for the production of planed sawn timber and profiles of any complexity

Exact formation - We provide exact formation services according to specification of costumer

Заготовка дров — Оказываем услуги по заготовке и сушению дров из сырья заказчика

Storage - We store sawn timber. We have for this clean and dry warehouses with an area of more than 3000 square meters

Сушка — Имеем автоматизированный комплекс сушилок общим объемом 170 кубических метров

Маркировка — осуществляем все типы маркировки пиломатериалов, согласно пожеланиям заказчиков

Repacking - We provide repacking services

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